Where to Buy Clothing

Every sport has its own special clothing.  It identifies the person who wears it as a participant but most importantly, the clothing is designed keeping the rigors of that sport in mind. Riding is no different.  There are particular pieces of equipment that are designed for safety and comfort and there are required outfits for competition.  The purpose of this page is to explain the equipment that we encourage our students to have for their lessons.  When the time comes that you are ready and want to compete, your instructor will explain the whole outfit in detail.

The most important piece of equipment or clothing for a student at FSH to wear is a properly fitted and adjusted ASTM standard and SEI certified equestrian helmet with a fastened chin strap. Helmets come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and a wide range of prices. At FSH we offer some rental helmets for students until they are ready to purchase their own.  We advise students to buy a helmet locally and have it fitted by an expert at one of the tack shops listed below. We prefer helmets that do not have a solid brim but sometimes the solid brink can not be avoided in smaller sizes. We do not have a favorite brand of helmet for riding lessons.

We are often asked if a student can use a bicycle helmet. A bicycle helmet is not designed for riding accidents and we do not let students use them.

Helmets are tough protection for your head but please remember that if they are dropped or if you have a fall you will probably have to replace the helmet in order to remain safe while riding.

Check out this video about helmet fit.  It is from the Troxel Helmet Company:


Zipper Paddock Boot
Zipper Paddock Boot

The next most important piece of clothing for lessons is your footwear.  It is important to have a flat, smooth sole on your boot so that your foot does not rock on the stirrup or get caught.  A heel that is an inch tall is important while you are learn so that you foot does not slide through the stirrup.

Our first choice for lesson footwear is a paddock boot.  A paddock boot will have the right sole and heel, plus it protects your ankle. Paddocks come in a range of prices to suit most needs.

Tall Boots
Tall Boots. 



Laced Paddock Boot
Laced Paddock Boot

As you become more active in riding you might want to purchase half-chaps for your paddock boots.  Half chaps are leather covers for your calves that make your paddocks look like tall boots.

Tall boots are also acceptable for lessons but are significantly more expensive.


Breeches are designed to move with the rider and stretch in the right places without bunching up at the knees making saddle sores likely.  Students may ride in jeans and will choose breeches when jeans become uncomfortable. Breeches is pronounced  ‘britches’

Tack Shops in the Greater Kansas City that sell English riding equipment:

Bits n Pieces– Overland Park, Kansas- If you are brand new to riding see Barbara about a %15 discount for your first purchases at Bits N Pieces

CM Tack – Shawnee, Kansas- CM has  large selection of all kinds of horsey things

Horse Hardware– Stanley, Kansas

Online Shops that we  like:

Dover Saddlery

Just for Ponies

Smart Pak

Bit of Britain

State Line Tack