Riding Lessons

How Does The Lesson Program Work?
Students at FSH take a minimum of 1 riding lesson each week at a regularly scheduled time on one of FSH’s school horses. Or if you may bring your own horse for your lesson.

Unless you have requested a private lesson and are paying the private rate, all classes are group lessons, even if we start you alone.

Group lessons are arranged with riders who have similar skills, are working on the same goals and are close in age.

FSH instructors teach a graduating program of horsemanship that includes English riding skills and general horse skills.  Our curriculum is broken into 12 lesson courses. After completing the 12 lessons in the course, students may choose to test to move to the next  level, or they may continue the level for as long as it takes to master the skills of the 12 lessons. When you pass your level test you’ll receive a certificate for that level.

Group lessons last for 1 hour and cost $40 per lesson per person

Private lessons last for 45 minutes and cost $60

Helmet rental is $5 per lesson

You may pay for lessons as you take them or you may buy a group of lessons and receive a discount

Age & Weight
We accept horse crazy students from the age of 9 years old – adult. Previous riding experience is not required but a passion for horses and riding is required.

We have a student weight limit of 200 pounds.

What To Expect
If you have already turned in your paper work, you can arrive at your lesson 10 minutes early. If you have not turned paper work in, you will need to arrive about 20 minutes ahead of your lesson time.

Make sure you are early enough to have your helmet fitted particularly if you are renting a helmet for your lesson. Remember we can only rent one to you if it is available

1st Lesson-Evaluation:
Your Evaluation Lesson is slightly different than other lessons.  Your instructor will explain  procedures at FSH, how we handle horses and ride; and at the same time she will ask  questions about your experiences and interests. Your instructor will evaluate your interest and skill  level while learning about your goals and your learning style. The evaluation lesson is packed with lots of information and can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry if you think you can’t remember all of the information from the first lesson- your instructor is laying the ground work for future lessons and you will have lots of time to absorb the information.

Regular lessons
After your evaluation lesson, if you think you’d like to continue with FSH and your instructor thinks you will be a good student, we’ll schedule a time for regular lessons. Each lesson builds on the things that you learned in a previous class so it’s important to attend your lessons regularly.

Everyone learns how to groom, tack up and handle the horse. Expect to either help get your horse ready, or if he is ready to go when you arrive, you will help take care of him when the riding portion of your lesson is finished. Sometimes you will do both.

Canceling Lessons
Since your lesson reserves time with your instructor and the exclusive use of a school horse, cancellations for any reason must be made at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time.

Failure to give 24-hour notice when making a cancellation will result in a “no show” and you’ll be charged for your lesson.

Cancellations made with at least 24-hour notice may be rescheduled, subject to availability.

Students are not required to make up lessons when FSH cancels due to weather, emergency or illness.

The Exception– If your student becomes sick at school on a lesson day and you call us 1 hour before the start of his or her lesson, we will be happy to reschedule.  We do not want people to ride when they are significantly ill and we do not want to be exposed unnecessarily to illness ourselves.

Termination- we reserve the right to terminate lessons with students who are habitually late for lessons, cancel an inordinate number of times, or are unable to follow FSH’s rules.

What to Wear
We require students to wear ASTM/SEI helmets, suitable footwear, and long pants. See this page for illustrations and explanations about clothing, plus places to purchase breeches, boots, or helmets.

You will receive a copy of our dress code in your information packet at your lesson interview.

Please Note: Anyone who wears open toed shoes or sandals will be asked to remain in their car. Non riders may wear tennis shoes.