Private Lessons

The biggest difference between private riding lessons and FSH Basic small group classes is that in private lessons the student is guaranteed that he or she will be the only person in that class.  In FSH Basic small group classes riders join other students who are in the same age category and are at the same riding level.

Deciding between private or small group lessons is a personal choice and will depend on a student’s interests, needs and learning style. At FSH we encourage group lessons because rarely in your riding life will you ride alone. Although we have a one on one relationship with the horse we ride, horses are herd animals and people are generally gregarious. But there are times when a person prefers to have the intensity of a one on one lesson with the instructor and the guarantee that they will be the only student and only focus of their instructor’s attention during the lesson.

Private lessons suit a variety of students. The following are a few scenarios in which we would suggest private lessons.

  • We suggest private lessons for students who want to work intensely for a short period of time on a particular subject
  • Private lessons are a possible answer for the student who is preparing for a particular competition.
  • Students who have a very tight schedule may feel more successful with private lessons.
  • Students who transport their horse from another stable or home will have private lessons.
  • Private lessons can be good for students who  are dealing with issues such as confidence or fear.

Private lessons last for 45 minutes including prep time