Horsemanship Lessons

Ground School:

Ground school combines students of like abilities and ages from multiple lessons in an informative hands on or class room session. This is the place to get the added practice in handling horses that everyone needs and you’ll learn more about horses, riding, their care. There is no riding in ground school, but you’ll hang out with other horse lovers and horses, and gain  lot’s of interesting horse knowledge. You do not have to be a riding student to take Ground School.

To read more about the fun and value of Ground School, read Barbara’s article on The Riding Instructor.

Relationship Classes

Barbara is a skilled ground work trainer having spent a lifetime working with all kinds of horses. Barbara has worked extensively with Steve Harris, the only horse whisperer to have caught mustangs from horseback on the Hopi reservation in AZ. Barbara has also worked with Harry Whitney. Her favorite horse in the round pen is the BLM Mustang, FSH Reno’s Legacy.

This class is for people who want to spend time with horses, learning about various personalities and ground handling methods. It combines traditional handling and round pen training. The classes begin on a  basic level, teaching elementary horse knowledge and safety. Students learn about horse personalities, equipment, grooming and basic handling before moving on to more advanced technique. There is no riding involved. This is a good opportunity for the adult horse lover or a parent who wants to learn about horses.

Relationship classes are planned according to your interest and can involve 1 or multiple students.  If you’re interested in relationship training you may  contact Barbara to discuss your interest at 808-816-1374 or