FSH Basic 2

What is FSH Basic 2?
FSH Basic 2 adds new skills to the ones you developed in FSH Basic 1 and continues to develop and strengthen you as a rider and horseman.

Who is it for?
FSH Basic 2 is the program for students of all ages who are ready to learn to canter.

Students can begin learning to jump at FSH Basic 2 so if you are not interested in jumping this is the time to tell us so we can arrange a non jumping class for your lessons.

How Does it work?

FSH Basic 2 is a small group lesson. Once students are cantering confidently they will begin to learn how to ride outside of an arena as well as in the arena. Classes are arranged according to interest, age and abilities of the students. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our ground school, which is a non mounted class all about horses.

How long does it last?
The lesson lasts an hour. Part of the time is devoted to learning basic horse handling and the rest of the time spent on riding.

The program lasts as long as you need it too. You might gain all the skills you need to move on right away or you might choose to remain in the FSH Basic 1 program much longer.  It all depends on your progress, your goals and the effort you put in to your lessons. We set the pace for your lessons according to your interest and ability.

What will I learn?

The following is a list of some of the things you will work on in FSH Basic 2:

  • more on the basic balanced seat
  • Controlling the horse at a faster pace
  • How to ride safely in a small group at walk, trot, and canter
  • Drills, school figures and games
  • Safely riding in the open
  • Trot poles
  • 2 point
  • beginning to ride without stirrups
  • Cantering
  • small jumps
  • Emergency dismount at the trot
  • Muscle Memory and Muscle Strength
  • Balance and suppleness
  • Developing good safety habits 
  • Horses and personality
  • Horse care and theory

In addition to the skills you learned in FSH Basic 1 riders that have completed FSH Basic 2 requirements will be able to ride at the walk, trot and canter with others in the arena, will know safety for riding in the open, *will have begun jumping small jumps and courses, will be able to memorize a simple dressage pattern and will have a deeper knowledge of horses.

*Riders choosing not to jump will not be required to have this knowledge.

What do I need for FSH Basic 2 classes?

FSH Basic 2 involves more intense riding than FSH Basic 1. We encourage riders to have paddock shoes and breeches at FSH Basic 2 because they are helpful to good riding.  You will have to wear a helmet for riding.