FSH Basic 1

What is FSH Basic 1?
FSH Basic 1 is the first level in our riding lesson program. Students in FSH Basic 1 concentrate on mastering the first steps of riding, giving the solid foundation a head start.

Who is it for?
FSH Basic 1 is the program for beginners of all ages.

It’s also the perfect refresher program for adults who have been away from riding for awhile and want to start back riding with a good foundation.

It’s a good program for people who have ridden before but have lost confidence in their riding ability.

How Does it work?
In FSH Basic 1 students start out riding individually. You instructor evaluates your riding needs and sets a plan for your progress according to your individual needs. If you have never ridden before you might start on the lunge line or with an assistant leading you. If you have ridden before but have become frightened or unsure of your self you may also begin on the lunge line until you have regained confidence. Once you have learned certain basic skills you will ride without the line or leader. And when you have progressed in confidence and skill you’ll join other riders, in your age group and riding ability, to continue your lessons in a small group.

How long does FSH Basic 1 last?
Each lesson lasts an hour.  Part of the time is devoted to learning basic horse handling and the rest of the time spent on riding.

The entire FSH Basic 1 program lasts as long as you need it too. You might gain all the skills you need to move on in 4 lessons or you might choose to remain in the FSH Basic 1 program for 40 lessons. It all depends on your progress, your goals and the effort you put in to your lessons. We set the pace for your lessons according to your needs.

What will I learn?
You’ll learn the following skills in FSH Basic 1:

  • basic balanced seat
  • how to control a horse at the walk and trot with posting.
  • how to ride safely in a small group
  • how to confidently handle a horse or pony on the ground under supervision.
  • how to saddle and bridle the horse and check for safety.
  • How to adjust the equipment to suit yourself
  • safety around horses.

You’ll develop skill and confidence with horses.

Riders that have completed FSH Basic 1 will be able to handle, groom and tack up a horse as well as ride at the walk and trot with others in an arena. When you are ready to learn to canter you’ll move on to FSH Basic 2.

What if I already know all of the things your teach in FSH Basic 1?
You can take an evaluation lesson  to see what level class is right for you.

What do I need for the FSH Basic 1 program?
Since FSH Basic 1 is our starter program, students are only required to have safe shoes or boots, jeans or other suitable long pants, and a shirt that tucks in with at least short sleeves.  You will have to wear a helmet for riding.