Riding School

At Fox School of Horsemanship we believe the educated horse person is the one who will be safe and successful in whatever they want to do with their equestrian activity. In addition to teaching the principles of riding, we help students develop critical thinking skills in riders so they can become independent horsemen. We teach humane horsemanship; kindness and consideration to the horse.

Our Programs are designed to develop proficient capable horsemen and horsewomen of all ages, who understand what they do and why they do it.  Students are guided through quality instruction, hands on experience, and a variety of educational tools such as curriculum, ground school, competition, social networking,  and social activities, at the appropriate time. Our areas of concentration are English riding; dressage and jumping.

We believe good education starts at the beginning and we enjoy starting enthusiastic beginners, as well as working with more accomplished riders.  If you are serious about the effort you put into riding and are ready to work hard to achieve your goals, FSH is the place for you.