Photo Albums

Enjoy our favorite photo albums. Just click on the link for an album below.

Jumper our brown warmblood/Quarter Horse cross.  Jumper lives up to his name because he LOVES jumping.
Jumper’s Album

Chocolate Chip (Chippy) is a super pony who has started lots of children in riding and in Pony Club.
Chocolate Chip’s Album

Spud is an Appendix Quarter Horse who burned up the race tracks with a speed index of 103 when he was 5 years old.  That was before he learned to jump and became a favorite riding lesson horse at FSH.
Spud’s Album

Blue Blazes (BB) is one of the best lesson ponies around.  He’s done everything from showing dressage and jumping to fox hunting, eventing and going to Pony Club camp.
BB’s Album

Rob Moniet (Rob) is an Arabian gelding with loads of personality. He’ll probably whinny a greeting to you when you come to FSH.
Rob’s Album

Bertalyn (Bert) is a very tall gray Thoroughbred who had shown in dressage and jumping. He’s a very educated fellow.
Bert’s Album

FSH Reno’s Legacy is a BLM Mustang who was captured in the famous Calico round up.  He’s from the Mountains of Northern Nevada.
Reno’s Album

Jackson is a bay Thoroughbred who has Pony Club experience. He’s in semi retirement due to a soundness issue but the lucky students that get to ride him will learn a lot.
Jackson’s Album

Bow is just beginning his training in eventing and dressage.  He is a huge Thoroughbred with a humorous personality.
Bow’s Album