The Profile of an FSH studentJump-into-the-water

“We teach highly motivated individuals”. . . what does that mean?

A highly motivated person-

  • will put riding before all other activities with the exception of work or school.  Riding is not an activity for them; it’s a passion. It’s on the top of the list.
  • keeps their lesson appointment and arrives on time, if not early. They adjust their schedule to fit riding, rather than adjust the riding schedule to fit in between their other activities.
  • gets involved in learning and continues to learn between lessons
  • has the proper attire for riding because it helps them to ride better
  • is able to laugh at their mistakes and take criticism
  • is willing to work hard with determination
  • works at being fit for riding in between lessons

FSH students also-

  • are willing to learn about horse care and handling as well as ridingIMG_4424
  • love animals and are kind
  • are respectful of others
  • if they are children  they have parents that support what they hope to achieve
  • are old enough to be in physical command of a large animal
  • Trust FSH instructors to help them reach their goals

The Price-

Our riding lessons are $45 per person per lesson.  We have package discounts for those students who wish to pay in advance.

How Often should FSH student take lessons?

In order to develop muscle memory and tone and to make educational progress, FSH students  take 2 riding lessons each week year round.