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FSHLogoEstLearning about horses and riding is our main goal at Fox School of Horsemanship (FSH) and we’re  looking for other passionate horse lovers to join us in our quest for education and excellence. We welcome beginners aged 9 – adult, as well as experienced riders. Our biggest requirements are that you’re horse crazy and want to work hard at becoming a good equestrian.

Simply put, to become a good horseman requires a love for horses, the correct education, good opportunities, a good work ethic and a desire to become strong for the sport you choose. FSH offers students the education and the opportunities but the love, desire and work ethic have to come from the student. Our educational program, which has been developed through many years of experience, is based on the traditional equestrian experience.  It is a good fit for any one who is truly interested in riding and horsemanship.

We know what it takes for you to achieve your goals, whether it’s just to enjoy riding, or to reach the top of your sport in competition or for a career in horses. We look for students who have the desire to participate, not for those who wish to try horses as another activity to add to their broad list of experiences. This is why we have an age limit of 9 years old and it’s why our lessons begin with an evaluation class. We welcome students who attend classes because they can’t wait to be here. Desire is the best motivator and it comes from the participating individual.

You can never learn too much about horses. Our mounted classes and ground school classes cover what you need to know to to understand and work with different types of horses in a variety of circumstances.  Students also have periodic homework because it’s in your best interest to be connected to your lessons and progress between class times at FSH.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours, whether it is for safe and enjoyable pleasure riding, competition, horse ownership or a career with horses because we believe that riding is a sport anyone can enjoy for a lifetime.

Fox School of Horsemanship was established by Barbara and Rick Fox in the Kansas City area in 1969. After moving to Arizona for 15 years, Fox School of Horsemanship returned to Kansas City. We opened our doors to students in the fall of 2014 to begin a new era of quality equestrian education programs for children and adults in the Kansas City/Lee’s Summit area. Our facilities include a large indoor arena for inclement weather and pastures to experience riding in the open on one of our good school horses.

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