Lizbeth Boz – Old & Shaggy

Ellen Foster struggles making friends in school because the other kids think there is something wrong with her, just because she wears a brace on her leg. And even worse, she may never be able to live her dream of riding horses because her parents say horses are too dangerous.  Then horse lovers, Ellen and Annie become best friends, and they spend all their free time talking about horses.

One day the owner of Meadow Lane, Mrs. P, brings a pony to school for science class and she invites Ellen to visit Meadow Lane Farm. CoverEllen’s Mom says, “No,” until Mrs. P calls to convince her that Ellen will be safe.  Ellen gets to visit and watch Annie’s lessons each week but her Mom still says no to riding. That is, until Dr. Paul steps in.

Now Ellen has worked very hard on her riding and there aren’t many differences between her riding and the able bodied kids.  And best of all, the other kids treat her like one of them, except for wealthy Sarah Lynn McGreagor.

Is Lizbethboz too old and shaggy? Sarah Lynn Mc Greagor thinks so.  After all, she’s not as good as Sarah Lynn’s new Thoroughbred, Grey Gull.

Sarah Lynn says mean things about the old pony who lives in the pasture but Lizbethboz doesn’t care because tomorrow she and Ellen Foster will compete in Ellen’s first horse show.

Lizbeth Boz – Old & Shaggy is written for children ages 8-12 but it will warm the heart of riding instructors and other horse loving adults.  It’s a short book with only 50 + pages but full of good morals, work ethic and loyalty. I hope you’ll take a look at the samples on Kindle and Ibooks and recommend it to your young riders. It’s not expensive either: $2.99 for the Kindle and non enhanced Ibook and $4.99 for the full blown enhanced version.  The enhanced Ibooks version is my favorite because it’s well illustrated, has an interactive glossary, and video clips. Below is a link to the Kindle version.

Oh and did I mention…you might know this author personally…. Me!

Barbara Ellin Fox
Instructor for Fox School of Horsemanship