There’s Value in Homeschool Horsemanship

In addition to being a riding instructor for the past 49 moving on to 50 years, I’m a homeschooling parent.  Well, an ex-homeschooling parent because my children are adults.  But I’m still passionate about homeschool.  Without question I believe it’s the best way to educate our children. I would do it again in a heartbeat, perhaps for my grandchild.  

Critics of homeschool love to site “lack of socialization” as a major reason for not homeschooling.  My daughters had no lack of socialization in their lives and neither did most of the other homeschooling children I knew.  My girls played team sports, went to activities at the library and college, were active in U.S. Pony Club, rode with their friends, went to camp…it was a great way to grow up.

horse learningWe are horse lovers so horse played a huge role in our homeschool plan.  Homeschool parents know that learning is easier when it’s done through a passion and our passion let us see horses in science, math, history, literature, public speaking, art and physical education. Through horses my daughters learned to take on responsibility, to persevere, to put something else ahead of their own needs, to teach what they knew to others, to share, to make hard decisions; and they learned an amazing work ethic.  It’s funny how having a passion for something ignites a child’s life.

FSH Homeschool Horsemanship is a natural extension of both our homeschooling past and my years of teaching riding.  What really appeals to me about Homeschool Horsemanship is that it is driven by a love for the animal and a love for learning as opposed to a love for competition.  Homeschool Horsemanship provides students with the opportunity to get to know horses on a one on one basis, to learn about their nature and their needs, before the person ever gets on the back of a horse. There is a lot to be learned from developing a relationship with an animal that is so much larger than you and so dependent on people for it’s well being.

If you have a horse lover in your family you can bet that the time will come that they will be horse learning 3 face to face with a horse. It’s inevitable.  In Level 1 Homeschool Horsemanship we place a huge emphasis on learning how to be safe around and with a horse.  Time with the horses will also help your horse lover to develop their instinct around the horse.  Everyone knows you shouldn’t walk up behind a horse but what if the only way around is by going behind? Everyone knows that angry horses pin their ears back but is the horse angry every time his ears are not facing forward? What do you do when the horse wants to lead instead of follow?  Anyone who will spend even a small amount of time around a horse, whether it’s a friend’s horse, or a rental horse, needs to understand  basic safety procedures, but even better is to understand why the horse does certain things because then you can develop solutions.

FSH Homeschool Horsemanship Level 1 is a great course for beginning a foundation in safety, horse handling, horse care, and other horse knowledge. There’s value in developing the skills and knowledge of your horse lover. At FSH, we’d love to help.

Success to you in your homeschool efforts,

Barbara Fox