Ride Like An Olympian

jumping olympicsThere are many kinds of riding in the horse world. Some riders choose to ride western style so they can rope or ride like a cowboy. Other choose Saddle Seat riding, which is a type of English riding that is used in the show ring with fancy high stepping American Saddlebred horses.

But did you know the only styles of riding that are included in the Olympics are dressage and jumping? Even eventing is made up of dressage and jumping. This hasdressage Olympics 2 been the case since 1912 when riding was first included as a regular part of the Olympics.

It’s thrilling to watch talented Olympic riders and their courageous horses fly over jumps or dance to a musical freestyle. What horse-lover doesn’t dream of riding in the olympics one day? And who knows- maybe that rider is you or your child. We don’t know what is hidden inside ourselves until we begin the journey.

Two things we know for certain:
1.    Every Olympic rider started out as a beginner having to learn everything about riding and horses from the ground up.
2.    Fox School of Horsemanship teaches the seats that are the basis for the Olympic Equestrian venues.

Why not start out riding like an Olympian? It’s a great beginning for everyone.